The Great Pumpkin Project

Last year our Great Pumpkin Project continued to bring joy into our community. Our community has endured and we are now slowly returning to having our sabbat rituals and other events both in-person and online. Still we enjoyed lifting spirits during the week of Samhain, and from October 24th to the 31st, we invite you to join us once again in the Temple’s Great Pumpkin Project! To help our community feel connected during Samhain we invite you to bring a carved pumpkin to place on the front garden wall on the Temple grounds. 

We are open for you to drop off of your pumpkin during the daylight hours the week before Samhain: October 24–31. Your carved pumpkin will be lit by the founders for the week of Samhain. We will light them all at dusk and put them out in the morning. To help facilitate this, you can order some electric tea lights from our Amazon wish list and offer a little literal light to the community!

Please remember we are a religious nonprofit and you can have a portion of your purchase donated to the Temple through the Amazon Smile program. (You can even use a browser extension like Smilematic to help remind you!)

The founders will take photos of the carved pumpkins to share on the Temple’s social media throughout the week and you are welcome to do the same! Everyone is encouraged to drive by at night to see the pumpkins lit up even if they didn’t place a pumpkin.

Those who come by to drop off a pumpkin or just visit to see the carved pumpkins are also welcome to take an envelope with a tarot card and a Witchy wisdom saying for your fortune for the coming year.

Though this Great Pumpkin Project is focused on our local community we encourage distant members to share their carved pumpkins on social media and with the community using the hashtag #TOWpumpkin


  • We are a 501(c)3 religious nonprofit and can’t legally have political endorsements or commentary at the Temple, even in pumpkin form. So please don’t bring them.
  • The Temple founders reserve the right to remove any contribution that is problematic for any reason. Spooky, witchy, and fanciful pumpkin carvings are welcome, but please keep them in good taste.
  • All pumpkins will be farm-fed to cows after the week is done. So please don’t use any chemicals on your pumpkin that would harm the cows! (No, this is not where pumpkin lattes come from, but I like the way you think…)

The cows love the treat of our pumpkins!

  • Place your pumpkins only in the daytime before sunset. Anyone who comes after dark could be considered a pumpkin smasher and the police will be called.
  • The three best carved pumpkins selected by the founders will be displayed on our social media. Winners receive year-long bragging rights.
Temple of Witchcraft