Dawn Costorf Appointed Cancer Lead Minister

The Temple of Witchcraft board of directors is pleased to announce High Priestess Dawn Costorf as the new Lead Minister of the Temple’s Cancer Ministry.

Dawn is a long-time volunteer and leader in the Temple community. In addition to her new role, Dawn is a Pisces Deputy Minister, leading  Sabbats and Full Moon rituals for the Temple in New Hampshire. Dawn is also a Deputy Virgo Minister leading some of the Healing Deity rituals and helping to heal what is needed. She volunteers with the Aquarius Ministry as the Red Ray for TempleFest.

Dawn is looking to bring new energy to the Cancer Ministry with planned women’s circles and rituals that center around the themes and cycles of the Goddess as well as online Goddess devotionals for all.  Anyone looking to volunteer with the Mother Ministry should reach out to Dawn at [email protected].

Temple of Witchcraft