The Puppy Seeker

by Jacki Richardson

Right before Templefest , my partner, who participates in a Christian denomination, told me about a sermon she heard regarding “Types of Seekers of Light.”  One of the “types” is the puppy new to the experience, they are energetic and rush headlong into everything with joyful abandon.

When my partner was describing this, I said, “Hey, I think I’m a little like the puppy-seeker about Magick.” She looked at me sideways with a grin like, “You think?!”

I very much had my puppy-seeker energy at Templefest, and it was so much FUN!  In various spiritual practices I have engaged in the past, I have felt a sense of intimidation new people are better off seen and not heard.  Before I left to go to Templefest, when I was worrying myself into anxiety about the trip, I got the word “WELCOME!” during meditation and that stuck with me throughout.

Now, as a puppy-seeker, there were a lot of things that went over my head, and I’m okay with that.  Some things made sense to me, and I know they will make a different sense to me in the future as I continue to learn.

There was a great deal of joy at Templefest. It felt good to go beyond my “comfort zone” of staying back and doing my best to blend in with the grass.

I met a 5th year student while my partner and I were talking about sessions.  I said, “I’d like to take the New Moon Master Workshop, but it says it’s for advanced students only.”  The 5th year student spoke up and said, “Why don’t you ask if you can sit in?”  While I was doing my blending-with-the-grass imitation, she went and asked for me, and next thing I knew, I was sitting in on the session! I got a lesson that has me captivated ever since.

I told a friend of mine before we left for Templefest that I was going to attend a sex magick class (woo hoo!).  And yes, I did!  I knew before the class in my intuition/soul that it would be perfectly safe and probably fun and that there was no way we would be pressured to do anything we were not comfortable with.  That turned out to be 100% true.  The teacher was a very sweet and joyful spirit. The whole group was delightful. I am glad I went.

I also learned how to build a home for my totem animal, got introduced to a Hindu god I had not previously been very conscious of, learned what the “Nine Waves of Creation” means in the Lorica, had a stone reading, and learned to be respectful of dragons. (Thank you to all the teachers, formal and informal, for answering my rather clumsy questions with grace and enthusiasm for your work.)

If you knew me in my regular life, you would not necessarily see the puppy-magick part of me. This path has brought that out, and I have to say that I got to play, have fun and learn beyond my imagined expectations at Templefest.  I decided to put this in writing so that if there are any other puppies out there in the future that are feeling a little cautious and uncertain about coming to Templefest, come!  It is enjoyable, safe, and welcoming, and you will have a great time even if you’ve only been on this path a very short time.

Jacki Richardson joined Witchcraft I after reluctantly attending the 12 Gates workshop with a friend in St. Louis, Missouri. She has been involved with Witchcraft for less than one year, but knew right from the first hour that this is what she has been working towards on her spiritual journey. Blessed Be!

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