Welcome to the New Temple Bell!

We’re making some changes to The Temple Bell!  And we’re excited about the opportunity to broaden our audience to include both Temple members and new readers while still providing the quality writing you’ve come to expect.

Here’s the FYI:

  1. We are moving from a quarterly newsletter structure to a website-based one. This means we won’t have a separate publication called The Temple Bell — instead The Temple Bell will post content directly to the Temple’s website — https://templeofwitchcraft.org — and it will be tagged and categorized as such on the website.
  2. We’ll still be sharing Founders’ Corner, Ministry News, and the Treasurer’s Report on a quarterly basis. Raye, Deb, and I will continue providing essays and artwork for the Sabbats (only now eight times a year instead four) and there will still be reviews and articles, columns and essays, poems and stories and news updates offered on a regular basis. Many thanks to those who have shared your words and work with us in the past — please continue to do so!
  3. We’ve updated the Submission Guidelines at the Temple Bell Yahoo Group (accessible in the Files section). Visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/templebell to find this information. If you’re not yet a member of the group, you can do so at this same address – that way you’ll be assured of receiving future updates in a timely manner.
  4. We’ll still be having themes for each Sabbat, which will be shared through the Temple Bell Yahoo Group and through the Temple website. We’ll send out messages with this information to group members, and make it accessible in the Files section as well.
  5. Have ideas? Questions? Send them on! Our e-mail address is [email protected]. You can address your message to either Raye Snover or Tina Whittle, the Bell’s co-editors.

Thanks once again for your support of The Temple Bell. It couldn’t happen without you.

Blessed be!

Raye, Tina, and Deb

Temple of Witchcraft