Offering Magickal Aid for Syrian Refugees

Hello fellow Temple members and witches,

Let me introduce myself. I am Gwen Owen, a Ministerial Temple member, and I am working towards helping the Syrian refugees.

Recently, one morning I was sitting with my Partner Tom having breakfast in my pajamas on my comfy couch watching television. When I saw the peice on the Syrian crisis. Of course this was not the first time I had been introduced to this issue, as I think most of us have seen the picture of the little boy washed up on the beach who fell off the escape boat he was in. These are all moving sights. Well, there I sat crying in my breakfast and stating that I wish I could help, I wish I could do something!

Tom said, in his on special way, “Why don’t you get your friends to do a spell?” Wow, that’s great, I thought! So I contacted the Temple and off I went. So below is a simple spell I crafted. I would like us all to start this on September 29th, 2015. I’d like to have us all do this once a day for 40 days before we go to bed at night, and meditate on sending them safe passage for 10 mins. then put the candle out and go to sleep. That way we can take the spell to the astral as we sleep.

If you are able to offer assistance financially there is a website that my very cool hippie cousin Gail Owen Jordon found for me, something she uses a lot: Once you visit the site go to the human serices button and click. Then search “Syrian refugees.” There is one I have have in mind that I will use. You should see that in the search. There are others too, feel free to pick one that interests you.

Thanks so much for you support!

Blessed Be,
Gwen Owen

Spell for Syrian Refugees

Red candle for strength, courage and protection. Start on this on Tuesday for Mars protection. Call to Brigid goddess of fire, protection and healing.


Great Goddess Brigid.
Goddess of fire
Goddess of healing
Goddess of protection

We call to you and ask that you give safe passage to the Syrian refugees.

Watch over them, guide and guard them as they flee from the evil that haunts them. Give them strength, protection, and a safe place to land on their journey.

Repeat call x3 every evening before bed for 40 days.

Temple of Witchcraft