Deputy Ministers

Elizabeth Graham

Elizabeth is a student of the Temple of Witchcraft and a deputy for the Aquarius ministry for public events, as well as a volunteer for the Pisces ministry. She has over twenty years of learning experience in the Witchcraft community and is excited to add her training at the Temple to that. She directly works with [...]

Jameson Ford, HP

Jameson is a High Priest and Ordained Minister of the Temple of Witchcraft, currently serving on the Board of Directors, as Gemini Deputy Minister, and a volunteer to the Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces ministries. He is involved in many aspects of the Temple’s workings, including communications, public relations, Mystery School student mentorship, public ritual, [...]

Irmalyn Hackett, HPS

Irma is a High Priestess and Ordained Minister of the Temple of Witchcraft and a Deputy Minister in the Taurus Ministry. Irma is also a Reiki Master in both Usui and Shamballa Reiki and is certified in level 1 of the Bach Flower Essence Program. She has worked closely with other hebalists and practitioners in [...]

Matooka Moonbear, HPS

Matooka is a self identified witch and has journeyed the craft and other Earth based spiritual practices for over 25 years. She is an accomplished Priestess in Feminine Mysteries creating ritual, rites of passage and Shamanic initiation. Her practices include multiple shamanic traditions that encompass working with animal allies and creating ritual tools such as [...]

Simon Hewett

Simon is Cancer Ministry Deputy for the Temple’s Children’s Ministry, hosting Sabbat Celebrations for school-age children throughout the Wheel of the Year. These celebrations give the children a chance to learn about and experience Witchcraft in a fun environment where they can let their energy flow. Children’s Ministry also collects toys at Yule for children in [...]

Stevie Grant, HPS

A high priestess and ordained minister of the Temple of Witchcraft, Stevie is Dean of Students of its Mystery School and Seminary. In addition to her training in the Temple tradition and service to other Temple ministries, Stevie brings with her over 25 years of experience as a spiritual counselor, psychic and metaphysical healer, Reiki [...]