Update: Fundraiser for Elizabeth Graham

Doctors report that Elizabeth has survived injuries that are usually fatal. After life-saving surgery at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, NH, Liz was transported to a larger hospital via helicopter. Doctors followed up with exploratory surgery and closed up their incision days earlier than expected and have now removed a catheter and shoulder line.

Visitors report Liz is somewhat conscious, able to squeeze hands, wiggle their toes and open their eyes and indicate awareness even by attempting to smile with the breathing tube. They’ve indicated a desire for music and audio books, and staff indicated that the breathing tube should be able to come out soon. Doctors believe while they will have a long recovery ahead, that Elizabeth can make a full recovery.

The Temple community is profoundly grateful for all of the healing blessings and energies directed towards Liz’s recovery, and of all of the contributions towards their medical and personal expenses during this time. Please continue your healing work, if you are able. Our fundraiser will also remain open for anyone who feels moved to contribute.

Temple of Witchcraft