Temple Astrolog: Seize the Moment

On a collective plane, we have all been working on some karmic issues for what seems a long time. Pluto (death, transformation) has been travelling with both Saturn (karma) and the south node (karma again, and the past) in Capricorn (once again, karma). To say the least, it has been exhausting and many of us are tired to the bones (ruled by Capricorn and Saturn)!

The good news is that, right now, Pluto is making some wonderful aspects that can help us harvest the fruits some of the deep work we have been doing lately. Pluto is making a trine to Mars, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, all in the sign of Virgo. If you see an opportunity coming your way that you have been working a long time for, size the moment! Go ahead, take a chance.

Mystic rectangle and a great potential

The Sun and Mars (both related to our will) in Virgo are also in a mystic rectangle with a trine to Saturn, the south node (the past), and Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn, and a sextile to the north node in Cancer (family, security) and finally an opposition to Lilith black moon and Neptune in Pisces.

Mystic rectangles are tricky. They hold such great potential. Unfortunately, I have seen it in many charts with clients who did not live their full potential. The opportunity was there, the talent and the opening to a great chance, but they did not dare to take the risk and make the change. On a collective plane we may also be standing at a crossroads. Do we dare to make changes? Believe in miracles and opportunities opening up, or will we let the moment pass us by?

Lilith black moon and Neptune in deep water

As Lilith black moon holds one angle of the mystic rectangle together with Neptune, we are extra challenged to listen to our instincts. Lilith black moon is the hidden point, what we can not see with our ordinary senses. With her, we must trust our other senses and learn how to see in the dark.

Right now Lilith black moon is in direct opposition to the Sun, and that makes it hard to see ourselves and our potential right now. If you are in doubt, ask a friend that you know speaks the truth. And if you have the chance to be such a friend right now, do it! If this energy is used wisely, we all have the potential to make quantum leaps right now, on a personal level and as a collective whole.

Vesta following a higher calling

To help us dare to make changes and get the energy needed, we have Vesta in Taurus. Devoted, stubborn, not afraid to dig in and to do the work, she is in a grand trine of earth to Mercury and Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. If there is a need for a telephone chain, she’ll do it. If there is a demonstration needed, she will get it done. No task is to great for her, as she has the power to move the earth if the cause it the right.

Whatever you are doing right now, believe in yourself and believe that anything is possible. Like the Tarot card The Moon, it is darkest just before dawn. Right now is not the time to give up, it is the time for joining hands and together jump into a brighter future.


Karin Ugander is a spiritual channeler living in the south of Sweden. In Scandinavia she is known for the AstroNumerology and Psychic readings she’s been doing for over 20 years. Together with her husband Niklas, she runs KaniSkolan, a school of astrology, numerology, tarot, StarCode Healing, and natural medicine. They are also the founders of Alven Inner Ring tradition, a Scandinavian mystery school with roots in shamanism and magick. Karin loves to create magickal oils, flower essences and sigils she combines in her “Karin Victoria” sigil candles and flower sprays. In her spare time she likes to travel, walk in the forest with her dog, and spend time by the ocean. Karin is a high priestess and graduate of the Temple of Witchcraft’s seminary program.

You can find Karin Ugander at Instagram @flowerpowerwitch and @karinuganderofficial

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