The Pagan Creed

by T.W. Knox

To you who do not understand,

these words describe our way:

we journey on the spiral path

from dusk to dawn each day.


We do not heed the words of Mark

nor Matthew, Luke or Paul;

Creation is our holy book,

the Earth our worship hall.


The trees contain the chapters,

each leaf a single line,

our scripture rides upon the wind

then travels on through time.


Our faith defines what we perceive

with every passing hour,

For mirrored halls both high and low

convey the Witch’s power.


We stand together equally

in perfect love and peace;

the sacred circle binds us all

at will and word’s release.


Great wheel of life continue round

when spirits walk alone,

as winter finally fades away

our Goddess calls us home.


Br. William Knox is the founder and current Chancellor of the Contemporary Pagan Alliance. Ordained in 1995 as an interfaith minister, he serves as senior priest at the Sanctuary of Light in Ravenswood, WV, and is an invested brother in the Shanddite Order of Secular Pagan Monks.

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