Temple Sabbats in Portland, Maine

caseynsilverWe’re pleased and excited to  announce that the Temple of Witchcraft will now be offering public Sabbat rituals in Portland Maine! These Wheel of the Year celebrations will be facilitated by High Priestess Silver Lyons and High Priest Casey O’Brien. Both graduates of the Temple’s Mystery School, Silver and Casey became fast friends and found a magickal connection in doing ritual workings together. Through that connection they felt called to share the Great Work with others and have found a supportive community at the Allen Avenue UU Church in Portland, Maine.

Their first Sabbat begins on November 1st with Samhain, the third harvest, where they will be honoring the sacred spirits who have crossed over, opening the way for communication and healing. You can pre-register for the Maine Samhain ritual here:

Please visit the Temple’s calendar and sign up to our online mailing list for information on future Maine Sabbats.

We look forward sharing these rituals with the greater Maine community!

For more information about the Maine Sabbats, or if you have questions, please contact Silver at [email protected] or Casey at [email protected]

Temple of Witchcraft