Temple Reiki-a-thon

During our meeting for planning out the next year of Reiki Shares, the Virgo ministry came up with the idea of a “Reiki-a-thon” for the end of the calendar year. This is a group of consecutive days where a Reiki practice is done each day to bring healing to those in need and focused self-healing. The days of the Reiki-a-thon are from December 13th to December 19th, 2019. For more information and posts, join the Temple of Witchcraft Reiki Group on Facebook. If you are a Reiki healer, please join us in this inspired event!

The Practice

For the seven days of the Reiki-a-thon, we came up with the following daily practice. You can edit or add to it to accommodate your circumstances and time constraints.

For this practice you will need the healing list from the Temple of Witchcraft. Click the link for a downloadable a printable PDF of it.

You will also need a drawing or a print-out of this sigil, which is focused on healing everyone in the comments section of any posts about the Reiki-a-thon.

Lastly, you will need a glass of water and your own reiki. When you have all that, here are the steps:

  1. Start this daily practice by pouring water into a glass and giving it reiki. Place this glass on an altar, healing shrine, or table near to you.
  2. Hold the Temple Healing list and send distance reiki to those on the list, imagining them on a little field between your hands, like they were in a snow globe. If you are not distance reiki attuned, just reiki the list, knowing when you release the list in fire or by ripping it up at the end of the week the healing will be sent.
  3. Give reiki to the sigil for “everybody in the comment section gets reiki.” You can use the above visualization like with the list but it is not necessary.
  4. When you feel complete, give your self time to do some Reiki on your own body. This can be a full session of self reiki or just some spot reiki. Make sure you take some time to do self healing.
  5. You can now drink the water in the glass or pour it out on the land for healing.

Repeat this practice each day for the seven days of the Reiki-a-thon. We look forward to having you join us in this healing collaboration!

Healing Blessings,

Adam Sartwell, Virgo Lead Minister
Dawn Marie Costorf & Renee Bedard, Reiki Share Coordinators

Temple of Witchcraft