Temple Astrolog: Happy New Year!

We are still having a lot of placements in the sign of Capricorn: Mercury, Jupiter, the south node, Sun, Ceres, Saturn, and Pluto so the earth energies are intense right now.

Today the sun (illumination) is directly on the south node (karma) in Capricorn (karma and the past) at 8 degrees. Don’t be surprised if someone from your past shows up today or in the upcoming week. You may also have dreams about old times, or even past lives. Be aware of what comes your way on TV and through other medias as it may be a clue to your distant past and precious incarnations.

With so many placements in the sign of Capricorn it is easy to get stuck in the past and we do well to remember this New Year to look into the future. What do you want in the year to come? What do you wish to manifest?

Goddess Manifestation Altar

The asteroid Vesta (devotion, priest/priestess) is in the sign of Taurus. People with a strong Vesta in their charts are very devoted to their spirit and what they believe in. Now Vesta is in the sign of Taurus making a trine (positive aspect) to both Jupiter and the Sun in Capricorn. There she can really help us to manifest our hopes and dreams!

Vesta has another special talent, and that is to build altars. So why not build an altar at New Year’s Eve with symbols representing the things you want to manifest in the year 2020? If you want to work with an extra-strong energy you can invite your guests to bring symbols to the guest altar as well. A beautiful thing to do to help each other make your wishes come true!

If you want, you can also make a vision board of the things that you want to manifest. Making it into something physical and tangible is needed to get that extra help from Vesta and the element of earth.

Vesta in Taurus is keeping the contact with Jupiter for some while and will be joined by Pluto as well, so this manifestation assistance will be available for us until the middle of March when Vesta moves into the sign of Gemini.

The Party

With many placements in Capricorn it is easy to overdo things, and become stressed-out in the last minute. Look over your lists of what to do, and let go of anything excessive, you will thank me later. Time is also something Capricorn influences, both losing time and time passing slowly. If you are hosting a party, be sure to have things to do to keep the party going. Plan extra activities and games to play. Don’t forget the music and different things to drink, as it may help things flow a bit easier.

Swedish New Year Oracle

This is an oracle game that my great-grandmother Selma used to do for the whole family at New Year’s Eve. The oracle game is done late in the evening, either just before midnight or in the early hours after celebration the new year. Traditionally, the oldest person of the family gets to be the oracle.

The person being read walks into a room to meet the oracle alone. The setting is important and it should be done with respect and a touch of mystery. On a table in the room there are seven old-fashioned tea cups in a row turned upside down. Under each of them there is a symbol. The oracle moves the cups around for a while until the person being read to says stop. The cups are then put in a straight line again. The person being read points to which two cups he or she wants to open. The oracle shows what’s inside. The symbols tell what will happen to the person for the coming year.

Traditional symbols to put under the cups and their meanings:

  • Baby made of yarn or a small piece of cloth = new beginnings, baby, new start.
  • Ring = marriage, alliance, something over and over again.
  • Key = luck, open doors, Yes to a question.
  • House = your home, family.
  • Cross = hinders, obstacles to overcome, hardship, No to a question.
  • Coin = money, prosperity.
  • Bear made from yarn or a small piece of cloth = health, stamina, endurance

If you want, you can add more cups and symbols, but I don’t recommend using more than 13 and the number should always be uneven. If you want inspiration on what symbols to use, you can look at a traditional Lenormand deck.

With this I wish you a beautiful ending to 2019 and a really Happy New Year 2020!

Karin Ugander is a spiritual channeler living in the south of Sweden. In Scandinavia she is known for the AstroNumerology and Psychic readings she’s been doing for over 20 years. Together with her husband Niklas, she runs KaniSkolan, a school of astrology, numerology, tarot, StarCode Healing, and natural medicine. They are also the founders of Alven Inner Ring tradition, a Scandinavian mystery school with roots in shamanism and magick. Karin loves to create magickal oils, flower essences and sigils she combines in her “Karin Victoria” sigil candles and flower sprays. In her spare time she likes to travel, walk in the forest with her dog, and spend time by the ocean. Karin is a high priestess and graduate of the Temple of Witchcraft’s seminary program.

You can find Karin Ugander at Instagram @flowerpowerwitch and @karinuganderofficial

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