Spells for a Better World: Sator Square to Stop Wildfires

This morning I saw pictures of the wildfires in Australia and got inspired. This past year, I did a “spells for a better world blog” because I thought witches should be using their energy to solve problems throughout the world. Many spell books show us how to get what we want for ourselves and our family, but many fall short of showing us how to use magic to do something about world problems. So I saw a need and filled it. The blog last year was in-line with our Temple full moons here in New Hampshire. I was running the full moons with my friend and amazing High Priestess Matooka, we did these spells in conjunction with those rituals. I got some strong messages at the end of 2019 to return to doing my solitary full moons instead of serving community through the moon rituals. Matooka also received some messages about a different way moons would go this year. Since our visions seemed in line I thought I was done with the spells for a better world blog because it was connected to moons for me.

Then I saw the terrifying pictures and stories from Australia today, so I created a spell and posted about it online. In my minimalistic way, I described the spell, took a picture, and posted it to see if anyone else would be inspired to do the same spell. Almost instantaneously, I had people asking me to tell them more, to provide more information on how to do the spell, why it would work, what the heck a sator square was, and would I write a blog about it. Someone even said it would make a great spells for a better world blog!

As I said, I thought I was done with that blog. I had planned to turn my attention to working on other things this year. Maybe finish the three books Ive been sitting on, build up my hypnosis business, make some more online courses, Voices of the Temple podcasts, and keep up with all the other projects I have for the Temple, including some fundraising ideas. Apparently, however, at least this spell for a better world is still needed. I am going to have to sit with the idea and consider the possibility of others in the future.

So, without further ado, here is the spell:

Sator Square for Stoping Wildfires

This spell is inspired by Silver Ravenwolf’s Braucheri and granny magic course. The sator square is an arrangement of letters from ancient sources used for protection and for putting out fires. The first way I ever saw it used was to put the square on a plate and throw it in a fire to snuff it out. I have never used it for that, since that seems inefficient. What you need for this spell is a picture of where you would like wildfires to be put out, a marker for writing the sator square, a plate, a cup of ice, and the ability to chant.

Print out your picture and put it on the plate. Use the marker to write the Sator square on top of it. Here is is written out for you below:

Place your glass of ice on top of the picture on the plate. Visualize, imagine, or just think about fires going out in the area. Things cooling off, rain coming to the area, and things getting better. Begin to chant “Sator, Arepo, Tenet, Opera, Rotas” nine times. Release the magic up to do its work.

When the ice has melted, you can clean up the spell, releasing the water out into the world.

This spell can also easily be adapted to bring down fevers and douse similar “fires” as well.

Blessed be,
Adam Sartwell
Co-founder of the Temple of Witchcraft

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