In-person Witchcraft I in Glastonbury, CT


The Temple’s Sagittarius Ministry is pleased to announce registration is open for a new Witchcraft I: The Inner Temple year-long apprenticeship class, offered with High Priest Dan Lupacchino in Glastonbury, Connecticut. The class will be offered on Sunday afternoons from noon to 3:00 pm, starting in late October. For details and class dates, as well as [...]

Ryan Cucchi, HP

Ryan is a High Priest, Ordained Minister of the Temple of Witchcraft, teacher & Deputy Minister of the Cancer Ministry. Ryan works with Community Outreach for the Cancer Ministry and is the author of “Round About The Cauldron Go” a monthly (ish) musing of Kitchen Witchery here on the Temple website. You can typically find [...]

Jameson Ford, HP

Jameson is a High Priest and Ordained Minister of the Temple of Witchcraft, currently serving on the Board of Directors, as Gemini Deputy Minister, and a volunteer to the Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces ministries. He is involved in many aspects of the Temple’s workings, including communications, public relations, Mystery School student mentorship, public ritual, [...]