Last Days of Summer

by Shea Morgan

Heat-filled days carrying the hint of cooler days to come

Summer begins its slow wind down into Fall

We can feel the crisp Fall air whispering in our ear

Beckoning us to follow the path below

As the sultry summer days continue, sunflowers in bloom

Flowers bend heavy heads circled by dancing butterflies and bees

Golden finches searching out seeds

Birds greeting each other in the welcome water of the bath

Yet Fall’s deep embrace is calling.

We feel the chill near.

As footsteps fall on fallen leaves.


Crinkling with each step.

We hear the whisper of nature’s call for the Winter’s sleep.

But it is not yet time.

Sunlight still warms the Earth,

Green leaves blow in the trees on the Summer’s air

challenging the stillness to dare make its approach.

Shea Morgan is a graduate of Witchcraft IV with a 20+ year career in gov’t/public affairs. She is a founder of Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon, Priestess of the Morrighan, ordained minister (ULC), teaches Witchcraft classes and has been on the path of a Witch since 2001. She lives in St. Louis, MO with her cat, and enjoys gardening, coven, friends, family and the family farm.

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