Gemini Volunteer Spotlight: Simon Hewett

While there is most certainly a “technical” side to Witchcraft, there’s an even more technical side to maintaining a modern Witchcraft temple, and that’s where Gemini Ministry, and volunteers like Simon Hewett, come in.

Simon is the much-beloved and relied-upon “tech witch” of the Temple, regularly assisting the Mystery School in navigating the arcane secrets of Google Classroom and Google Groups. More recently, Simon also assisted the Gemini Ministry in an organization-wide upgrade to our email server to help ensure better and more reliable communication throughout the Temple and between us and the outside world. If you want to talk feats of magic, look no further than the dark secrets of DNS and MX wizards and domain names! What’s more, Simon fielded questions and provided assistance to all with good humor, professionalism, and skill.

Simon also serves on our TempleFest committee, particularly for children’s events, and as a Deputy in Cancer Ministry, overseeing the Temple’s children’s ministry. He’s a valued, and much appreciated, volunteer and member of our community. Blessings and many thanks, Simon!


Temple of Witchcraft