Witchcraft I Registration Open

Registration for new Witchcraft I: The Inner Temple of Witchcraft classes, both in-person and online, is now open! Just go to the Witchcraft I page under the Mystery School in the Education menu to read the description and fill out an application.

The in-person class begins in mid-September 2013 and meets monthly in Salem, NH, taught by Temple High Priestess and Pisces lead minister Alix Wright.

The online class begins in April 2014, with monthly downloadable audio lectures, reading, and homework, and is taught by Temple High Priest, Founder, and Sagittarius lead minister Christopher Penczak.

See the class page and application for details. Email Mystery School Dean of Students Rama with questions at [email protected]. For technical issues, contact [email protected]. Please allow some time for our volunteers to assist you.

Temple of Witchcraft