The Feast of Hecate

Online registration is open for the Temple’s celebration of the Feast of Hecate, on Thursday, August 13th, at the Upper Village Hall in Derry, NH.

Since its inception, the Temple of Witchcraft has honored the Goddess of Witches on her feast day of August 13th as a part of our Wheel of the Year. This year, the Feast of Hecate will again be an oracular rite: High priest and foudner Adam Sartwell will invoke the goddess in three of her aspects to speak to us through three oracles, and supplicants may sit and ask a question of the oracle.

Feel free to wear your “witchy best” for this event!

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What to Offer: Offerings to Hecate are welcome and encouraged! We ask that you bring offerings of candles (white, black, or red are preferred) which can be lit on Her altar throughout the year, and antique skeleton keys, which are one of her symbols and used in the Temple’s ordination rites, sanctified by being offered to the Goddess.

Donations: Lastly, as dogs are sacred to Hecate and she is the caretaker of many beasts and outcasts, the Temple’s pet ministry collect donations for a local animal shelter: gifts of old (newly washed) blankets, non-perishable pet foods, animal toys, and cash or gift cards to stores like PetSmart are all welcome and appreciated.

Questions? If you have questions about the event, please email Adam at [email protected]. For technical issues concerning the website or registration pages, please email [email protected].

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