The Artsy Witch: Explorations of Creativity and the Craft – An Introduction

Merry Meet! I’m delighted to be writing this new column on a topic that has long interested me, and it is my hope to publish a new article twice a month with few exceptions. Throughout my career as a jewelry maker, book binder, and visual artist working in fiber/mixed media, a spiritual element has always pervaded my work. In my earlier years as an artist and up until fairly recently, this process was nearly always unconscious and intuitive. I was not yet aware that I was a natural witch of sorts. I knew nothing of the Craft, and I had long since abandoned my childhood Catholic upbringing, which did not resonate with me. I was lost spiritually for many years, determined never to “belong” to any organized religion again. Many of my family members are quite fulfilled with the Roman Catholic religion and I was a little envious, because I did not know what that felt like. Yet, in her own magickal way, the Goddess was always there…whispering to me.

Oftentimes, when I created a work of art, a profound spiritual meaning of the piece made itself known to me after I created it as if to say “Oh, that’s what I was trying to say” or “This is what I’ve been feeling and why.” I found myself creating special pieces of jewelry named after goddesses I knew nothing about consciously, but they spoke to me and told me their names. The most elaborate necklace I ever made was dedicated to the goddess Isis whom I knew nothing about, but I felt strongly that it must be made in dedication of her. I simply called it the Isis necklace. It was purchased and is now in the private collection of a wealthy and respected art collector in town. Isis continues to communicate with me and has been a blessing to my life.


“Young Phoenix” from the Christine Marie Ford Private Collection

I made improvisational fabric wall hangings often depicting a young Phoenix newly formed from the ashes, abstract works of nature depicting the cycles of life, death and rebirth, and unexpected female forms which appeared where I least expected them through my improvisational approach to fabric art. My favorite creations did not feel like “my” creations. I felt inspiration flowing through me, and all I really did was try be an open vessel and stay out of the way!

finding freedom

“Finding Freedom” from the Christine Marie Ford Private Collection

A few years ago I discovered the Craft of the Wise and felt that feeling of “homecoming” that so many Witches speak and write about. To me the connection between art and spirituality is palpable and undeniable. As my spiritual life has begun to flourish, new meaning and inspiration flows in my artistic life. It is in this column that I would like to share some of my experiences and present some ideas in hopes of further developing the connection between art and spirit. I am in my first year of training in the Temple’s mystery tradition. I am neither an authority on spirituality, nor on witchcraft or even art for that matter. I am on a journey, and it’s a journey of a lifetime!

Let’s share in this adventure! I’d love to hear your ideas, your musings, and your experiences too. It is my hope to be an “open vessel” with this column and to allow something greater than myself to come through. Some articles may be more pragmatic and mundane, others more fanciful. Either way, this column is dedicated to all of you and the great Journey.

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Christine Marie Ford has been a professional visual artist and crafts person for over 12 years. She is a former professional actress and has been a musical theatre performer for over twenty years, continuing to sing and play cajon with the band “Random Roads.” Christine is currently a first year apprentice of the Temple of Witchcraft and a 101 Wicca Student of BTW as well. She has been a solitary practitioner for three years and has studied Reiki and various divinatory arts for many years. You can visit Christine at or on Facebook.

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