That “W” Word

One of our great joys here at The Temple Bell is gathering witchy wit and wisdom from around the web — like this bit of prose from blogger/artist/purveyor of glitter and gorgeousness Effy Wild, on claiming the word “witch.” You can read the entire post HERE:

“I’ve toyed with different labels over the years including ‘mystic’, ‘pagan’, ‘shamanic practitioner’, etc. but what I really am, at the end of all the waffling, is a witch. I use tarot as a mirror to my soul. I use herbs to amplify the qualities I want to grow within myself. I think in magical terms. I attune myself to the solar and lunar influences on our planet. I celebrate (very quietly and with very few outward trappings) the Wheel of The Year. I have three altars. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck – yup. It’s probably a witch.”

effyEffy Wild has been studying and practicing paganism in many shiny forms since the late 1980’s. She is an artist and online art teacher whose classes always have a thread of magic running through them. She lives in Ontario, Canada. She blogs at

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