Temple Women’s Circles Transform

Cancer Ministry has been happy to serve the community through offering Woman’s Mystery Circles for nearly four years. We now come to a time of transformation and transition as we look to the future of Cancer Ministry and our Service to the community. As we look and listen to the ebb and flow, cycle and dance, we have come to a crossroads.
We have decided to release the Woman’s Mystery Circles at this time and look at serving the Goddess and community from a different perspective. We are looking forward to developing a communal experience, bringing the sacred Goddess workings to all Her children, reaching both our sisters and brothers as a way to worship and celebrate Her Mysteries together.
Friday August 16th will be the last Woman’s Mystery Circle offered through Cancer Ministry until such time we are guided by spirit otherwise. We invite our sisters to join us in this tender and beautiful time of transformation and transition.
In the season of Lammas we cycle to a season of Sacrifice and Harvest. We will be offering a Give-Away Ceremony. This will be twofold ceremony. A table will be set up to give away things that no longer serve you. Anyone may choose to take from this table, and we encourage each woman to look at the things in her life that no longer serve: are you ready and willing to give this away and free this area in your life for something new?
The second part of the ceremony is where each woman is asked to bring something that has been sacred to them as an offering to journey with someone else. The item will be released permanently to serve the new person. Participation is highly encouraged, as the magick is greatly part of this process. Only women who bring something that has spiritually served them along the path may exchange in this part of the ceremony. Be prepared to share the story of the journey… how this item has served you and why you chose to allow it to move on. This is a delicate part of the sacrifice portion of the working. Each woman is asked to support the energy of sacrfice by holding sacred space for the release. This is also the aspect of Harvest, as what you release now serves the journey of another. Our witnessing of such a release gifts each of us the experience of reflection as a continuing process in how we give and our capacity to receive.
We wish to thank you, our sisters, for all these years of support, of magick and sacred sisterhood. We have been honored to be of service and to journey with each of you in this Mystery Circle. We look forward to journeying with you again and sharing more of the Great Mother’s work.
In love and gratitude,
Matooka & Silver
Temple of Witchcraft