Temple Star Wisdom Pendants


Thanks to the wonderful artisans at Deva Designs, the Temple of Witchcraft is proud to offer Star Wisdom Pendants based on our ministries! Each of the thirteen unique pendants has the Temple logo on one side and the sigil of a Temple ministry on the other, along with three keywords. Use these pendants to connect with and evoke the powers and vision associated with our Great Work! Deva Designs also offers a pentacle pendant with the Temple logo on one side and a simple pentacle on the other.

You can find these pendants in-person at Temple events in New Hampshire at our Temple Store, online at christopherpenczak.com, or ask your local New Age, Witchcraft, or pagan retailer to stock them! (The Temple does not do mail orders at this time.) Profits from the sale of this jewelry line go to support the Temple’s Great Work, and wearing your Temple pendant is just another way to grow our community!

Temple of Witchcraft