Temple Astrolog: The Power of Water

The sun is now in the sign of Pisces. As the third of the water signs and the 12th sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents the end before the new beginning when the Sun enters Aries at the Spring Equinox. When we travel with the Sun in the sign of Pisces we are out on deep water. That can be exciting, but it can also bring up feelings of both isolation and loneliness. Nature is going through a big change breaking up the bonds of winter and opening up for spring. There are not many things that can stop the power of water. It changes the things it touches, even stones.

What we can do to make this passage towards spring more in beauty is to “warm up” the water. We do this by doing the things we love to do, and even better if we can do them with the people we love. Why wait on all of the fun things until the summer?

The Sun is not alone in the sign of Pisces. Right now it is joined by the asteroid Vesta (devotion), Neptune (art, music,) and Mercury (communication) This is a good time to visit the theatre, go to the movies, and host a dinner party!

Creative dreams

If you carry a creative dream inside, now is the time to go for it. Neptune (higher inspiration) and Mercury (communication) in Pisces (inspiration) are forming a helpful aspect with the north node in Cancer (destiny). So get started and write, paint, sing or whatever creative thing you love to do. “Every great journey starts with a first step.” And now is a great start for that first step.

The planet Mars (will) is in the sign of Taurus and that can sometimes be seen as a “dull” energy, but once it starts moving it can move mountains. This can be very helpful and can give you the strength and stamina needed to make your plans into reality and not give up until your project is finished. Mars is in Taurus until the 1st of April.

The goddess through time and space

There is perhaps no one more devoted than Vesta in Pisces or in the 12th house. When found in an astrological chart it speaks of a soul that has been in service to the greater good for more than one lifetime, and a person who has sacrificed a lot to do that.

Now we have Vesta in Pisces together with the Sun and on the collective plane questions about devotion may rise. How much should I sacrifice for what I believe in? Is it worth the price? It is also forming a challenging aspect with Juno (relationships) in Gemini and Ceres (the great mother and nourishment) in Sagittarius.

If you are, or have been, a priest or priestess in this lifetime or another it can bring back memories of service through time and space. It can be a mix of both happy and sad memories. What is good to know is that there is probably a good reason for these memories to surface right now.

If possible, try to find the red thread connecting them and bring their wisdom and power into the now. It can feel like these memories will never fade, but you cannot be sure of that. All the aspects and placements in Pisces as mentioned above are a great help for writing it down or expressing it through art. This transit is until around the 8th of March.


Karin Ugander is a spiritual channeler living in the south of Sweden. In Scandinavia she is known for the AstroNumerology and Psychic readings she’s been doing for over 20 years. Together with her husband Niklas, she runs KaniSkolan, a school of astrology, numerology, tarot, StarCode Healing, and natural medicine. They are also the founders of Alven Inner Ring tradition, a Scandinavian mystery school with roots in shamanism and magick. Karin loves to create magickal oils, flower essences and sigils she combines in her “Karin Victoria” sigil candles and flower sprays. In her spare time she likes to travel, walk in the forest with her dog, and spend time by the ocean. Karin is a high priestess and graduate of the Temple of Witchcraft’s seminary program.

You can find Karin Ugander at Instagram @flowerpowerwitch and @karinuganderofficial

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