Temple Astrolog: Aries, the god of war and emotional freedom

For some time, we have all been dealing with a lot of emotional stuff. Not just new things, but some really old emotional patterns. If we trace them back there is a big chance we will find them in our family tree.

Uranus (revolution) in the sign of Aries (the warrior) has asked us to be brave, be bold, and make changes, but he is in opposition to the asteroid of Pallas Athene in Libra. She’s a warrior too, but also a strategic and when she is in Libra, she is very civilized and concerned about appearance and social codes. So, we are pulled between wanting freedom above all, and the understanding of that everything comes at a price.

Uranus is saying, “smash it, burn down the house, throw all the things I don’t want away” and Pallas Athene politely replies “what would the world look like if everyone just did the things they wanted to do? What world would we have then?” She is also saying “be clever, be smart, and think ahead.”

Pallas Athena in Libra is an excellent chess player, not only because she can read the game, but because she can read the other player. This is great, but what if the price for playing and winning the game is your own emotional freedom?

To make things even more complicated (or should we say interesting?) the nodes of the moon are also involved. Uranus and Mars in Aries are making a square to the north node in Cancer and the south in Capricorn. They are all together in a grand cross with Pallas Athene in Libra. The nodes are connected to karma, were we come from and what we should be aiming for. When the south node (the past) is in Capricorn and the north is in Cancer, we must find new solutions. We need to think and act in a new way, not just for ourselves, but for the generations and families to come after us.

When we add all the pieces together, it becomes clear whatever drama we are in right now, it didn’t start with us, and it will not end with us, but we have the power to change what happens next.

Look into your ancestral tree and see if the dilemma you are in right now, is the same or a similar dilemma your parents had. The choices that are before you, how are they connected to your ancestors?

With this knowledge comes the understanding that the change you make is also a change for the ancestors behind you and the generations to come before you. If one person changes the family pattern, everything changes in the tree and in the web that connects us all.

In working with family dynamics, we see this over and over again. Family patterns repeat themselves. But there is also great magic involved here. Because as soon as someone breaks the pattern, the whole family has a chance to get free.

We all need a red Porsche from time to time

Sometimes the planet Mars is like a red Porsche. It comes in, speeds things up and gets it over with. Now Mars is moving in like a race-car and will pass Uranus in Aries and create a lot of fire and put the pressure on. If you are struggling with a standstill this is great news, because the energy of Mars will force things to move ahead. When Mars is in his own sign, Aries, nothing is stopping him! Mars transiting Uranus is at it’s peak around the 13th of February until around the 22nd and ends around the 1st of March.

For magickal people this is a good time to make medicine for rebellion, courage, speed and action.

Cutting cords

This is an excellent time to cut cords and attachments to things, people, and places that are holding you back. As I mentioned before, Uranus and Mars in Aries can be brutal, but if we can find the balance and power from Pallas Athene it has the possibility to not only be a clear cut, it can also be elegant and made in beauty. The goddess Pallas Athene is the goddess of Wisdom and Justice, and one of her symbols is the owl. If you need extra support during a confrontation you can use the symbol of an owl and bring it with you. If you need extra power and the bravery of Mars, use the color red, and if you need to feel the power of moving on, why not take a test drive in a red Porsche and let the winds of change blow through your hair?


Karin Ugander is a spiritual channeler living in the south of Sweden. In Scandinavia she is known for the AstroNumerology and Psychic readings she’s been doing for over 20 years. Together with her husband Niklas, she runs KaniSkolan, a school of astrology, numerology, tarot, StarCode Healing, and natural medicine. They are also the founders of Alven Inner Ring tradition, a Scandinavian mystery school with roots in shamanism and magick. Karin loves to create magickal oils, flower essences and sigils she combines in her “Karin Victoria” sigil candles and flower sprays. In her spare time she likes to travel, walk in the forest with her dog, and spend time by the ocean. Karin is a high priestess and graduate of the Temple of Witchcraft’s seminary program.

You can find Karin Ugander at Instagram @flowerpowerwitch and @karinuganderofficial

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