Tarot Invocation

by Emily K. Jones

Come, Fool who inspires us to take the leap of faith,

Come, Magician of Mysteries, bold and bright,

Come, High Priestess of Moon and Magick, gifted with sight,

Come Empress, Abundant Mother, thou radiant queen

Come Emperor, Horned Father, from your forest green,

Come Hierophant with your wise teaching voice,

Come Lovers who call us to make a choice,

Come Chariot that we may chart our own course,

Come Strength which teaches us to access our source,

Come Hermit who shows us how to find the light within,

Come Wheel of Fortune with your ever cycling tales,

Come Justice with your perfectly balanced scales,

Come Hanged Man to show us a different point of view,

Come Death with your transformation that creates anew,

Come Temperance with all the alchemical magic you blend,

Come Devil who encourages us to embrace our shadow as friend,

Come Tower, tearing false foundations away,

Come Star who appears like hope to guide the way,

Come Moon, mysterious beauty who graces the night,

Come Sun who radiates warmth and light,

Come Judgment with your final resounding call,

Come World that we might celebrate our connection to all,

Come suit of Swords, with your gifts of clear insight and the ability to know,

Come suit of Wands, with the fiery passion, courage and energized will you bestow,

Come suit of Cups, to open our hearts and intuitions to your ever abundant flow,

Come suit of Pentacles, with the power to make our dreams manifest and grow,

Come Arcanas, Major and Minor to gift our decks and tools with your energy and power

We ask that you bless, charge and consecrate these items in this magical hour.

Temple of Witchcraft