SMILE … and the world smiles with you …

As we reel in the aftermath and sorrow of the Orlando tragedy, we find ourselves standing dumbstruck at the senseless horror of it all. We try to wrap our minds around questions that are almost impossible to express! “Why would, how could, any human being, regardless of their religious or political views, massacre a room full of people?” While it is conceivable that we have the capacity for some quite shocking and violent thoughts – very few of us would ever really want to act on those impulses. So we wonder, “what disconnect or synapse – what malignancy – must occur in the mind and the heart for someone to formulate a plan, organize and acquire the weapon, and then enter a facility full of happy, celebrating human-beings, point the muzzle of a loaded weapon at flesh and bone, and pull the trigger?” It is unfathomable.

Yet, I wonder, for how many days will we feel the shock of this tragedy? Life is so busy. We work so hard and we are so pre-occupied with the business of life that we miss the bigger picture – we miss that “they” are “us” and that our world is in pain from the disease of apathy and division. The problem seems insurmountable. We hear of this rotting, oozing dis-ease on the news daily – so often I fear that we have become complacent – except for those few initial hours of aftermath while the news channels still deem it worthy of ratings. The problem, I think, stems from the fact that we no longer really know our neighbors. We no longer see anyone beyond our own small, tightly wound world.

Witches, we must do something about this. We are the tribe who CAN do something about this. Are we not the masters of setting intentions? Aligning and empowering them with our Will? This is not a suggestion of lighting a single candle or even coordinating the world’s largest master spell. That is too easy. Once and done is not enough. The Aquarius Ministry is proposing that we do something in the “everyday” of our lives. It is the ONLY way to stop this ruthless epidemic of divisiveness. We must each take responsibility for it ourselves as though we will single-handedly save the world. We must begin to connect with everyone around us. We must know our neighbors. We must care about our neighbors. We must LOVE our neighbors with perfect Love. Everyday.

The Temple’s Aquarius Ministry is launching a SMILE campaign. The plan is simple, almost naive, and yet that is its beauty – it costs nothing, takes virtually no effort other than to daily, consciously set an intention as you encounter people. SMILE is an acronym for:

See the heart and soul of your brother/sister – each one of us, whether rich or poor, black, white, brown, educated or uneducated, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Pagan, Straight or Gay, have heartbreak and trouble, happiness and joy. We each hold a perspective which, to us, is valid. Yet, we must begin to see what unites us rather than what divides us. We are all brothers and sisters of the human race.

Make a connection – when you come face to face with your brother or sister of humanity, whether it is at the drive through, on the highway, in the grocery store, on Facebook, or at your door, look into the eyes of that person and connect with them on a soul level. Recognize your same-ness.

Identify with them – what if you were in their shoes – but don’t assume you know. What seems obvious to you is often not true. We all deal with heartbreak on many levels – financial, medical, relationship, psychological, etc.

Love with Divine love – this is not the stuff of emotion. This is a love of action that sees beyond the petty differences. This is the love that says, “we are all in the same boat here on earth and we need to cooperate and work together. we need to have love for one another in spite of our differences.”

Evolve your world – By sharing this message and reaching out, one day at a time, one encounter at a time, we can influence the world around us. Like a single pebble dropped into the water, the ripples expand out to the far reaches. Can you imagine the changes and ripple effect if we all begin together?

I can hear you thinking, “… but how is this supposed to work?” It’s quite simple. Each of us must become fully commit to this effort. Each one of us must assume full ownership of this work. Will it be easy? Will it happen overnight? No. But change must start with a first step. Here’s what you do:

  • Go to the Facebook page and join
  • download the PDF for the leaflets
  • print out a few pages, cut them apart and place them in your purse or car so that you will have them as you go throughout your day.
  • As you begin your day, take time to create an affirmation which empowers your consciousness to be aware of each opportunity around you. Something such as, “I will truly see and connect with each person I encounter throughout my day for the highest good. I am in balance with myself, I am in balance with the Universe. So Mote It Be.”
  • SMILE at everyone (not just those like you), make photos of you and your new “friends.”
  • Post your beautiful stories and SMILE photos on Facebook.
  • Get one of our ribbons at Temple Fest and wear it!
  • Look for monthly SMILE challenges on the Facebook page
  • Change the world one SMILE at a time.

Will everyone respond? No. It doesn’t matter. Keep SMILING – even at those who scoff – everyday. Believe that most individuals are hurting and scared. Believe that most of our society is offended and outraged that incidents such as the Orlando tragedy occur. Believe that each person you encounter has burdens and needs your SMILE as much as you need theirs.

Then, whether it is the lady at the post office, the clerk at the convenience store, the grumbling co-worker, or the impatient woman at the drive-thru window, when you look at them, look into their soul. Use your gifts to “feel” and be aware of their humanity. And SMILE at them – literally and figuratively. Some of you are in a position to share this with a group of people in your local area – do it! The more people we can begin with, the better and faster it will impact our world.

That’s it! A simple five-point plan for changing the world one person at a time! NOW the challenge is yours, Witches! SMILE!

Temple of Witchcraft