Shop and Support the Temple

The Temple of Witchcraft appreciates and supports the network of Pagan, New Age, and Witchcraft shops that serve as meeting and entry points for our community. Please support your local retailers, and let them know you appreciate them, too!

If you’re looking to do some seasonal shopping, we can help, and offer you the opportunity to support the Temple at the same time!

Zazzle Store

The Temple, in conjunction with our Leo and Gemini Ministries, is pleased to offer our Zazzle online store, with shirts, altar cloths, and other items featuring Temple sigils and related artwork. Now you can order from your computer and mobile device and have items shipped to you directly! All profits from the online store go directly to support the Temple and its work.

Just click on the link above or go to “Shop” on the main menu bar of the website and choose “Zazzle Store”. If there is an item or style of item you would particularly like to see offered in the Zazzle store, feel free to email us at [email protected] and let us know!

Square Market

While the Temple Store run by our Virgo Ministry has been a fixture of our sabbat events since the Temple started, it also offers select items for sale online, shipped by mail-order direct to you! We’ve recently added a number of new products to the online store, of interest to both Temple students and non-members.

Just click on the Temple Store Square Market link here or go to the main menu bar of our website and choose “Square Market” from the “Shop” menu.

Please be aware that, as with our events, our Temple Store is staffed and run by volunteers, so please be patient with us as we work out the details of getting items packaged and shipped to you as efficiently as possible.

Amazon Smile

Third, the Temple of Witchcraft participates in the Amazon Smile program, which donates a percentage of your purchases on to a charity of your choice, including the Temple! Just click on the link above or go to and choose “Temple of Witchcraft” as your charity for donation. Then just make sure to start your shopping from the page so your purchases are recorded as supporting the Temple!

Our thanks to the whole of the Temple’s extended community for your support and blessings of the Yuletide season to all!

Temple of Witchcraft