Sharing the Road

by Rachael Mueller

Driving into work this morning, I had a wonderful little thought come to me, nothing too deep: There are all different types of drivers on the road — some painfully slow and cautious, some reckless and rude — but I never really think, “Oh, I will never drive on this road again because of such and such driver.”

I will revisit that road again and drive my path, because it is the path that I (and that other driver) need to be on to get where we need to go. Whether that other driver is there again or not really does not concern me too much.

Rachael is a recent graduate of the Temple of Witchcraft Seminary, currently serving as the Teaching Assistant for the Mystery School’s Witchcraft Four class.  She also teaches an in-person Inner Temple Study Session in St. Louis as well as several other classes at a local metaphysics store. This upcoming weekend, she will be overseeing the Temple Booth for the St. Louis Pagan Picnic.

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