Samhain 2015 festivities


This year, the Temple’s annual Samhain Psychic Fair and Ritual fall on the actual date, Saturday, October 31st, and we’re looking forward to a day (and a night) of festival, fun, and magick!

Our Fair has psychic readers offering a variety of different types of readings, along with food, and local vendors and crafters displaying and selling their wares.

Special Classes

As many of you know, our vision is to transform the Temple barn at Grandview in Salem, NH, into a full temple, community gathering space, and learning center to serve the Witchcraft and Pagan communities for many years to come. To abide by town ordinances and codes, such a building much be fully modernized with plumbing, heat, and finished amenities. To kick off our fundraising efforts to make this grand goal a reality, we are offering two special classes at our Samhain Psychic Fair, where 100% of donations will be used to kick-start the funds for the barn renovation.

Pre-registration for these classes is now closed.

Poison Garden of the Mighty Dead

with Christopher Penczak, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

The Mighty Dead are the enlightened ancestors of Witchcraft, those who have walked the path before us and lead the way. They are teachers, healers, guides and masters dancing at the eternal sabbat found in dream, myth and vision. There they tend the garden of plant spirit familiars, the poisonous plants that teach us the mysteries of life and rebirth. They are the classic plants of the Witch’s Flying Ointment – Belladonna, Datura, Henbane, Hellebore, Hemlock, Monkshood and Mandrake. These plant spirits initiate us in the ways of Witchcraft, and to fly forth in vision to and from the sabbat grove. Listen to teachings on the Mighty Dead and these plant allies, and experience a guided vision ritual to the sabbat grove to meet these spirits for yourself. Drawn from the books The Plant Spirit Familiar (2012) and The Mighty Dead (2013). Please bring a small cup or chalice.

A Whirlwind Tour of the Tarot

with Chris Giroux, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Each Tarot suit tells a story. Learn the story, learn the Tarot. This 90 minute workshop with expert Tarot teacher and reader Chris Giroux is designed to introduce you to the stories of the suits, from Fool through the King of Pentacles. Unless you know shorthand, you might want to bring a audio recorder to capture all of the information!

Samhain Ritual

10:30pm to 12:30am
$15 – 25 sliding scale
Upper Village Hall (52 East Derry Road)
in Derry, New Hampshire

Pre-registration for our Samhain ritual is now closed.

Join the Temple of Witchcraft for the celebration of Samhain. Pierce the veil and walk between the worlds as we travel together to the Sabbat of the Mighty Dead on this Hallow’s Eve. Through incantation, ointment, and ritual drama, learn the mysteries of the secret grove where the Witch Goddess and Witch God dwell, calling to our souls to awaken and rise forth. Gather together with your allies of flesh and spirit, calling to the beloved ancestors, totems, and gods of your chosen path. Partake of the nourishing sacrament and the ecstasy of the dance to shine with the inner flame of the Mighty Ones.

Open to all faiths and traditions interested in celebrating the mystery of the seasons in Perfect Love and Trust. If you have questions about the ritual, please email [email protected].

Please note that this year’s Samhain ritual begins late (10:30 pm, rather than our usual starting hour of 7:00 pm) and will likely run until after midnight—the witching hour!—and plan accordingly.

Samhain Coat Drive

This Samhain, join the Temple as we share the warmth: The colder months are upon us, and in New England we know just how cold that can be! The Temple will be collecting new and gently used (clean) winter coats for a local shelter. Please consider all ages and sizes when donating a coat, from infant to adult. If you have questions, please email [email protected].

Donations of non-perishable food items are also welcome for the Temple’s food pantry drive for the coming holiday months.

Post-Ritual Grounding
Given the lateness of our ritual, there will be no potluck meal following the ritual, but please feel free to bring a small snack to share for post-ritual grounding, if you wish. Please label any food contribution so we know what it is. Our Mother Ministry provides all the necessary eating utensils, cups, napkins, and so forth. If you have questions about what to bring, please email [email protected].
Temple of Witchcraft