Sagittarius Volunteer Spotlight: Naphana

The Sagittarius Ministry Spotlight this month goes to Naphana. Naphana is a third degree initiate who is continuing onward to the fourth in the coming year. Though unorthodox for the Sagittarius Ministry, which usually focuses upon education, Naphana has earned this spotlight due to her tireless efforts in the Temple gardens in Salem, New Hampshire, over the last year, as a volunteer working primarily in the poison garden, but really wherever she has been needed. Her work has been consistent, tireless, and lovingly meticulous to make sure she kept all the plants needed in the garden during times of weeding and harvest. Time in the garden is its own form of education, directly with the green teachers, and Naphana’s care and rapport with the plant world has been clear.

Along with her work in the gardens and in the Mystery School, Naphana is an active member of the New Hampshire community of the Temple, as well as the online community, and has a love of both photography and music.

Thank you Naphana for your community work and magickal presence! We look forward to your continued contributions as we all grow together.

Temple of Witchcraft