Round the Cauldron Go: A Monthly Musing on Kitchen Witchery


Every Ritual I attend with the Temple of Witchcraft I am so impressed by the number of people who approach me looking for a way they can help out, ways they can contribute to our community. Even the times I don’t get ten or more people who approach me (as I hide in the kitchen), it never takes more than the suggestion or mention of need for someone to step forward and offer to help. We should be proud of that.

I also know for every single person who speaks up there are one or two who, much like myself, are willing and want to help but might not say anything. So I would like to make a suggestion. An easy way each of us can help out. This suggestion is nothing new. I, and the Cancer Ministry, have posted about it once before. My suggestion would be for each of us to bring our own dinnerware to ritual with us.

If we take a look at the amount of refuse we produce each event you would be astounded. When you are sitting down and eating, sharing time with friends, you might not consider the one plate you are eating off of, or the cup and utensils to be much, but it adds up. On average we fill two large trash bags with waste from just one evening of ritual. If each of us made the commitment to bringing washable and reusable flatware, dinnerware, and drinking vessels, we could seriously reduce the impact we are having on our environment. We would be helping to consume fewer raw materials, producing less waste that goes into landfills, or at the very least the energy it takes to convert these materials when recycling. Not to mention the money and resources the Temple would save that could be used in other areas to best serve the community.

The Temple has made a commitment to being Stewards to the Land, not just the Land where Grandview stands or the beautiful farm that has hosted TempleFest over the past few years. We have made a commitment to being Stewards to the Land as a whole. This commitment is evident in many of the functions our twelve Ministerial bodies perform. The same is true for many of us on an individual level, based on relationships we have developed with the Spirits of Flora, Fauna, and Lapis.

So starting with our next public sabbat, Mabon, we are asking you to join us in our efforts and bring your own set of cutlery, a plate, and drinking vessel, if you can. Help us reduce the impact we are having on the Earth that provides for us. Help us honor our commitments to act as good Stewards to the planet. Help us save a little extra money to better serve our community. As an incentive, we will give each person who brings their own items a free raffle ticket for the Temple’s Raffle that evening. A small token of our appreciation for you making an effort and helping us to champion our cause.

Thank you in advance and see you at Mabon!

Ryan is an ordained Minister, Seminary Graduate of the Temple of Witchcraft & Deputy Minister of the Cancer Ministry. Ryan is passionate about Kitchen Witchery, the creatures of the Green World, working with Plant Spirits & making magick in daily life. Crafting herbal infusions, candles, and sacred tools, Ryan is co-creator of Drops of Three. You may visit his website at

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