Reiki Share: Peace & Quiet

Deep within the still center of my being may I find peace
Silently within the quiet of the grove may I share peace
Gently and powerfully within the greater circle of humanity may I radiate peace
— Peace prayer from the order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

We are living in hard times. News flashes by and changes rapidly, especially in this time of social media and technology. Many people, myself included, long for the times where we were bored, things were quiet, and there was a sense of ease.

Growing up, my house was very loud. The one thing I could do to get away from the noise and pressure was to get on my bike and ride around the neighborhood. Through the course of my explorations, I found an abandoned lot behind a school. It was fenced-off but there was a hole in the fence. The lot was a giant hole in the ground covered with leaves, weeds, baby trees, and vines.  It was one of the greenest places that I could get to easily. In the spring Queen Anne’s lace and dandelions filled the hole. In the fall, around the outside of the hole the trees turned orange and red. There were no woods nearby and the one campsite that was near my house was next to a highway. This abandoned lot was away from the streets and it was quiet. It definitely had garbage in it (which I did try to pick up) but it also offered a quiet place where I could sit and be away from everyone and everything. I could just listen or sing or read without anything interrupting me. It was magick.

I long for the times where I could sit and read and think without obligation or worry. These days we cram so much into a day and some of us feel constantly “on”… It is harder and harder to find peace in day-to-day living.

I have found that if you do the work, the work changes you. Conjuring spells, sitting with people to do readings or to give people Reiki, talking to your spirits and guides – this is the work.  You are a light to so many people and you are a light to yourself. When you are feeling overwhelmed and disillusioned that is when it is time to step outside your house, put the screen away, and just walk or sit, even if it’s just your own backyard…or an abandoned lot. Taking some time out in nature, just noticing the leaves in the trees budding…it changes you. It stops you from looking at the world in obligation, stress and worry. It reminds you that living in the world can be awe-inspiring.

I ask you to take some time to notice the world outside of yourself. Breathe in the living air, breathe out the discomfort. Breathe in and kindle the fire within yourself. Breathe out and cleanse yourself of stress. Breathe in and feel your body. Breathe out and ground. Sit in the sunshine or the rain, the warmth or the cold and just feel it. You are here. You are living. You are love. You are magick.

And once you take care of yourself, you can take care of others. Call the people who are high risk or who you know have anxiety. Give them some of your time, some of your love (and some Reiki) and in this way we can ease the stress we feel today.

Dawn Marie Costorf is a Pisces deputy and leads the Reiki share at the Temple of Witchcraft once a month with Renee Bedard.  

Temple of Witchcraft