Reiki Blog: Unbinding the Wounds to Let the Healing Flow

be Renee Bedard

As we practice Reiki, we understand that we are not healing the client that comes to see us. We are holding space to allow the Reiki to flow as it must. We are the vessel for the Reiki energy to flow through so it may enter the energy of the receiver. The client is open to receive the energy and in turn is choosing to walk through the doorway of healing. That is where their mysteries may be revealed. Reiki will show the receiver the beauty and love that they truly are. This of course, is the best-case scenario. What happens when we have a client enter into a healing crisis? What happens when we as practitioners enter our own healing crisis? Are we able to hold the sacred space for ourselves? A wise friend of mine recently talked about stories – the stories we hear, tell each other, and tell ourselves. This quickly opened a door in my mind and it flooded me with all of the memories and words I told myself in order to ‘get by’ so I could deal with ‘it’ at another time. That once hidden and locked door I had charged with guarding the painful shadows from sight is now open and brought into the light. Memories and stories can flood us all. So, what do we do with the bound and newly found darkened pieces of ourselves?

As witches and Reiki practitioners, we have the ability to walk along our Borderlands. We can open up the lines of healing and communication. We have the ability to breathe deeply, find our center, and walk the winding, spiraling staircase within ourselves. When we discover such places, we can acknowledge them, hold them, open ourselves up to these forgotten places that are ready to be held with compassion and love. That is how the healing process can begin. It is how we can begin to unbind ourselves from our painful experiences. By acknowledging what we have experienced, we are giving our wounds and trauma a voice and a space to be heard. Once we create the container, allow a space for love and compassion, we can continue our healing with Reiki. By offering the Divine Reiki Energy to ourselves, we can ease our pain. We can even open up the channel of time and ask the Reiki energy to embrace ourselves during a difficult time to help with our suffering. With continued work and healing, we can unravel the threads that held us back, freeing ourselves from what once was in order to create what can be.

Walking the path of a witch and Reiki practitioner, we have the ability to see things in a different light. We may also need to remember that healing can and will be messy at times. That is okay and part of the process. During times of great stress, try to reach out to someone. A trusted friend, family member or another Reiki practitioner that can offer support as you move through the cycle of healing. Just like all parts of nature, we are woven into the fabric of life. What you think and feel is important. Your growth, healing, and development is important. Holding space for ourselves and others is something that is necessary and vital in life. If we are not able to look within ourselves, we will have difficulty in doing so for others. Please, take the time for yourself and sit with your stories. Are they a collection of your own thoughts, experiences, and dreams or are they a shadowy amalgamation of you and others around you? You have the right to claim what is yours and unbind what is not. With the healing and graceful energy of Reiki, may you embrace yourself as you make your way along the winding road of the witch.

Renee Bedard is a Mystery School student and a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner. She co-leads the monthly Reiki Shares at the Temple of Witchcraft in Salem, NH. If you would like to take part in the Reiki Share, please send an email to register at [email protected].

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