Healing Deities: Isis


Join Dawn Costorf for this ritual in the Virgo Ministry’s ongoing Healing Deities series. In this class, we will learn about and work with the Egyptian goddess Isis.

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The Great Goddess of healing and magic in Egypt is Auset – known today by her Greek name, Isis. She embodied the throne – the seat of power of the Pharaohs. Beloved of her people, she is the Mother of Egypt, bringing healing and compassion to those who need it most. She is the most clever and magickal of the gods and she can help you find the most perfect words to cast your spells.

In this ritual, part of the Virgo Ministry’s healing deities series, we will commune with Isis and learn her story and enter the dream temple for her diagnosis and then petition her for the right words for our healing magick. Join Dawn Marie Costorf as we meet one of the most powerful Goddesses of Ancient Myth.

Temple of Witchcraft