Healing with the Divine Twins Artemis and Apollo


Join Dawn Costorf for this ritual in the Virgo Ministry’s ongoing Healing Deities series. In this class, we will learn about and work with the Greek deities Artemis and Apollo.

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Artemis and Apollo are the Divine Twins in Greek Mythology. Artemis is the protector of young girls and the wild spaces – she is the divine hunter living with the land. Apollo is the protector of young boys and the patron of music and art giving guidance in community. Both are deities of protection, disease and healing. They bring us an understanding of our own sexuality, our own art and our place in the wild spaces.

In this ritual, part of the Virgo Ministry’s healing deities series, learn about the divine twins from their myths, what they represent in a modern context and find a way to connect for protection and healing. Join Dawn Marie Costorf to journey to meet these wonderful siblings and connect with their power.

Temple of Witchcraft