Candle Magick




“Yeah, you just light the wick.” Candles are a tool used throughout many spiritual traditions. Embodying the four elements, they serve as a ritualistic gateway to manifest our intention. Learning the mechanics of candle work includes color theory, the Law of Correspondence, basic herbal blends, anointing, carving, symbol magick and much more. This two-hour online class helps students uncover the versatility contained within this essential tool of modern and ancient spellcraft.

This class consists of a two-hour .mp4 video download (78 MB).

Sam Belyea has been in the health and wellness industry since his journey began in Physical Therapy over fourteen years ago. Currently, he owns The Foot Whisperer Reflexology institute in Tampa, FL, is a published author and provides Astrology consultations through his background in metaphysical studies. Passionate about all things holistic, Sam teaches internationally at venues in the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, plus his social media channels. Through weaving together the stars, the body and the spirit, Sam’s classes take on a life, breadth and depth of knowledge that leaves students spellbound.

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