Jesus of Nazareth


In this recording of an online class, Temple High Priest and Aquarius lead minister JT Mouradian offers a unique perspective on Jesus of Nazareth as a mythic figure and spiritual guide in the context of Witchcraft as a tradition and practice.



Jesus of Nazareth is prophet, lover, magician, challenger, rebel. He stood in opposition to the rule of the state and the rule of the church in equal measure. He has a lot to say to us… the witches.

It is human nature to believe that we know all about events and people that are familiar to us. It is an interesting way to “know” the world we live in. It makes it feel ordered and safe. We are often very wrong about our assumptions. I was pretty sure I knew who Jesus of Nazareth was and who he was not; I had studied him for thirty years. I was wrong. Then I stopped knowing and started listening. I am still there today. Listening to, learning with, loving with Jesus as a witch. Let’s talk together. You only need two things for this work, plenty of questions and an open heart.

This product is a 2 hour and 31 minute audio download of a class by Temple High Priest and Aquarius lead minister JT Mouradian.

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