Beginning a Journey with the Ogham


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The Ogham is known in many magical circles solely as the “Celtic Tree Divination system” and there are many books out there with that focus. Other sources delve into the use of the Ogham to mark out the “Celtic” calendar and the Witch’s Wheel of the Year. Some of these resources offer their own ideas for using the Ogham as a divination or as a meditation tool.

Solid historical sources teach that the Ogham is an ancient Irish Alphabet. In Ireland and in other areas where the Irish settled, you can still find stones with Ogham carvings on them today. Many of these stones share mundane information that marks out land ownership and the like. There are also references in the Irish folklore to Ogham being used for much less mundane purposes by the Druids. In working closely and consistently with the Ogham and with the lore and history of Ireland, we have discovered that there is much more to this alphabet than meets the eye.

JT Mouradian and Dawn Marie Costorf have designed this course as an introductory path to meet each letter (or “fid” as they are called in Irish) in a way designed to empower the seeker to gain a solid foundational relationship with the Ogham.

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