Pet Healing

by Liz Casper

DISCLAIMER: Before using any herbal, gemstone or other therapy on a physical ailment consult a vet to get a professional diagnosis for your pet.

As an animal lover, I have always been interested in finding ways to prolong and improve the lives of my pets. When my beloved Cocker Spaniel, Cody had cancer in his mouth, I gave him Essaic tea everyday, did hands-on healing, smudging,… everything I could think of to help ease his pain and, of course, heal his cancer. Unfortunately, I started much too late because the cancer spread into his jaw bone, and I lost him shortly after surgery. The pain of losing a beloved pet, no matter how old the pet is or how prepared we think we might be, is a feeling that I can never find the proper words to describe. My pain was so deep that I believe that other animal lovers who were connected to universe heard my howls of sorrow around the world. I vowed that next time I would be much better informed and ready to help heal my pet; not that being involved in the healing would ease my pain when their time came to cross over, but it might allow me to have more time with them on this plane.

My studies of herbs have helped me a great deal when it comes to wounds or skin conditions with my pets. I have infused herbs for rinses, made antibiotics, and other mixtures for various problems. I also continue whatever medical regimen my vet recommends in addition to my healing therapies of course, and I am open with my vet about what I do. I have no secrets about who I am and what I do, so I am very open to discussing my herbal treatments with my vet. He respected my desire to help my pets and never had a problem with my treatments, unless he knew for a fact that one of my herbs might interfere with a medication (I have not had that problem as of this writing). I encourage everyone to talk to their veterinarian about alternative methods of treating and healing their pets. If your veterinarian is strongly opposed to it, consider finding another vet. There are many veterinarians who are open to anything that might help the animal.

I have thought of many ways to use herbs, magick, symbols, and gemstones to help ease or help heal the effects of a disease for pets. I attended a workshop with Diana Paxson about using runes for healing and a lightbulb went off. The runes are keys to the Creative Energies of the Universe. Why not put the healing runes on the collars of pets to help them heal? Runes have a long history of being used in healing with people so why not extend those healing properties to our fur friends?

I decided to go a step further and applied infused oils and flower or gemstone essences to the animals’ collars. I did not want to use essential oils because the concentration of some of them can be dangerous to animals. I think we can get the same results from using infused oils, essences and, of course our own energy to help our pets. The magick comes from the owners’ desire to bring about a healthy change in their pet. All the herbs, symbols and essences in the world can be poured onto a dog but, if the owner doesn’t truly put their own energy and faith into that collar, nothing will happen (well, unless the dog is magical!).

Here are some tips on making a healing collar or bandana for your pet:

  • Select the infused oil or infused flower or gemstone essence to use.
  • If you choose an essence, use a fabric collar or bandana. A flat buckle collar made of canvas webbing that will absorb the liquid essence easily works best. With a dropper, put several drops of the liquid onto the collar. Reapply the liquid every day until you see that the pet no longer needs the therapy.
  • If you choose to use infused oils, apply the oil to the inside part of the collar with a roll-on dispenser, q-tip, or a small brush. Re-apply each day.
  • With fabric paint or, if you have the ability, embroidery place the rune symbols for the pet’s ailment on the collar. For collars you can repeat the sequence of runes all around the collar. It looks like a unique design and acts as a mantra because of the repetition.
  • Rune scripts are most effective when used in odd numbers: three, five, or seven.
  • Make sure to package and label each collar for future use once you no longer need it.

Certain colors can aid in healing. Color therapy is used in hospitals when decorating patients’ rooms and colors have been proven effective when working with emotional issues. Choose a collar or bandana in a color or colors suitable for healing of the condition you are treating.

Some examples:

  • Orange stimulates blood supply, effective on tumors, and energizes the nerves. Do not use if the pet’s body temperature is high.
  • Violet is beneficial in the treatment of nervous and emotional disturbances, separation anxiety and arthritis.
  • Yellow is effective in the treatment of diabetes, kidney and liver disorders, constipation, and eye infections.
  • Blue alleviates pain, reduces bleeding and heals burns. It is beneficial in the treatment of respiratory disorders, high blood pressure and skin aberrations.
  • Green is helpful in treating cancer.

These collars can be used in combination with Reiki, acupuncture, or other methods of healing.  Offer the beloved animals in your life all the benefits of your craft, and they will return that love and attention to you.

“If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man.  All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth.”

– Chief Seattle of the Suquamish Tribe

Temple of Witchcraft