Niklas Ugander, HP

Niklas (Blue Parrot) lives at a Nature Reserve in the south of Sweden. There he is known as a spiritual teacher and adviser for therapists in natural medicine. Niklas started his path in the mid ’90s. His interest in health has taken him from Orthomolecular Medicine and the pH levels effects on our health, to worlds of Shamanism, Magic and Astrology. Together with his wife Karin he runs the KaniSkolan, a school of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, StarCode healing and Natural Medicine. They are also the founders of the StarCode Healing system and the Alven inner ring Tradition, a Scandinavian mystery school with root in shamanism and magick. In his spare time Niklas loves to cook with his own spice blends, spending time with his 4 children and 2 dogs,
designing and planning houses. If you don’t find him on the beach you can find him among stones and crystals, making jewelry.

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