The Aries ministry was busy during the month of October.  For most of the month Michael spent the time proofreading a forthcoming book.  The Leo minister asked folks on the leadership team to participate in a spell and so Aries complied.  For Samhain, the Temple also held a psychic faire so there was much to do as follows: 1) Wren handled the food for both the day and evening events, 2) there was much infrastructure work to be done such as setting up and breaking down chairs, 3) putting up road signs, and of course 4) participating in the Samhain ritual.  Michael also continued correspondence with various members of the Temple community and mystery school.


Treasurer’s Report: October 2013

(Account Balances reflect the last day of the month)

Account Balances:
Opening Balance (September 30. 2013):  $42826.26
Closing Balance (October 31, 2013):  $44724.78
Petty Cash: $0
PayPal balance (Nov 4, 2013): $4210.86
Certificate of Deposit: $2511.69

Income from W 1-5 (Net): $515.47
October events: Dark Moon, Full Moon, psychic vampire workshop, psychic fair, Samhain ritual (Net): $827
Donations in October: $65,760.53 (largely due to one angel donor to help cover the cost of the parking lot and fire alarm system)

The parking lot is nearing completion. Fire alarm system is under construction.


In October, the Gemini ministry set up emailings and registrations for Michelle Belanger’s Psychic Vampires class, Celebrate Samhain, and the Samhain Psychic Faire and Ritual. New content for the Samhain quarter of the Temple Bell newsletter was posted to the website feed, and the Gemini lead minister attended the Samhain ritual rehearsal. Planning began on the Quest ritual for Templefest 2014. Archivist Peter Kwiatek began gathering information on Temple rituals, starting from the present and working back, and a meeting to discuss plans for Temple archives is in the works. Regular website, mailing list, and social network maintenance also took place.


Children’s Ministry celebrated Harvest October 13, 2013 (please see attached for detailed report)

Collaborated with Pisces Ministry on Samhain Ritual

Coordinated vendors for Samhain Psychic Fair

Shared Priestess facilitation with Pisces for Samhain Ritual

Cancer Ministry Depute Silver and volunteers set up Samhain feast

Clean up after Samhain event

Delivered 16 lbs. food donations to NH Food Bank (thanks to Wren)

Meeting with Aries Minister for developing healing ritual for Ministerial Retreat 10/21

Developing Dancing Fear with Kali Ma with Silver Moone for November meeting 10/22


Cancer Ministry seeks volunteer to run kitchen for Temple events

Development of Children’s Ministry

Development of Divine Feminine for Community


 This month’s Prosperity working was a sigil working.  Some feedback, signs and portents suggest it went rather well

• Made altar of ancestors/death for auction, to help raise $ for the Temple.  (Talking with Liz and looking into guidelines and restrictions on eBay, to see if it can be sold there or needs to be done through in-house Temple auction or etsy or whatever).

• Working on Templefest ’14 design

• Talking with Bob Hackett about an Artisan’s Guild for the Temple

• Talked with Alix, we may have a (new) Drumming coordinator, for ritual and for drum circles, which I am happy and excited about.

• Finished ‘Three Keys” (Hekate) t-shirts for sale through the Temple store.  Sizes small through extra-large are available while supplies last.  (If there is enough of a request or demand, there may be another print run.)

• Talking with Wren about having a special mead brewed for the Leo Dark Moon next year

• Submitted story to Temple Bell

• Took ‘Portable Production’ class @ SCATV

• Attended Dark Moon, Michelle Belanger event and Samhain


• Set Leadership Retreat Goal for more online classes – started outline for a Wheel of the Year class, and prepping this year’s Dark Moon’s to be an “advanced” class for WV Graduates.

• Training Stevie Grant in Dean of Students Role – Great Job

• Working out details in Teaching Assistant Program. Will announce in Dec/Jan

• Completed W1 and W3 – getting out certificates to graduated students.

• Preparing for WIV Registration to Open

• Continuing WI-III Registration and Scholarships

• Continuing W2, W4 and W5 Online and W5 In Person

• Alix continues her In Person Witchcraft classes.

• Taught Demons of the New Aeon Dark Moon

• Ancestors of the Craft in Production Layout Stage – Got Final Art

• Online Meet Up Position with Kimberly on hold until November/December

• GettingWales retreat transcribed for anthology

• Working on Rites of Passage Anthology for final editing – On Hold Till Stevie settles in

•  Foundations of the Temple Introductory Book for Fundraiser in still in editing.

Non Specific Sagittarius Duties:

• Spoke with Team Templefest for Classes – Jan Deadline

• Communicating with Concord NH State Prison

• Working with M Macha Nightmare to get TOW books to CA Prison she works with

• Working on Art for Phosphorous Grove Indiegogo Grimoire


Templefest:  Next meeting 11/13 at 7pm.  Progressing along nicely. The switch in dates has been received positively by everyone that I’ve checked with.

Ministerial Retreat: Had a great day, looking to pick dates for next year, maybe a different month than November?

TOWER: Lisa and Peter had a lengthy strategy session this month. We also started collecting donations.

For now, the most practical course seems to be to collect basic necessities (e.g. toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, antiseptic, razors, etc.) and assemble small emergency kits to be disbursed as needed. Initially, we feel it is best to make donations to Temple members and other pagans within New England. As the project expands we may be able to store larger items and we may be able to distribute these items to larger groups within the greater community as a whole and beyond New England. At this time the goal is to start small, be practical and work

Psychic Fair:  Success, vendors & readers were busy.  Lots of new faces stopping in for a busy afternoon.


Samhain Ritual

Aided in Psychic Faire

Planning Esbat with Matooka for November