Litha Registration Now Open!

IMG_0597Online registration for the Temple’s annual Litha celebration on June 21st is now open…

Register Now!

Come join Christopher and Kriya as we conjure the Sacred Grove of the Forrest where the spirits dwell to celebrate the longest day of the year! Bathed in twilight, we shall dance, sing, and commune with the Goddesses and God. Receive sacrament from the Horned God, Green Man, Earth Mother and Goddess of the Stars as we turn the Wheel of the Year together.

Sabbat registration is a sliding scale of $15–$25 ($5 for children 12 and under – children 6 and under admitted free).

All are welcome at the Temple Sabbats, but if you have any questions, please email [email protected]. Dress is casual or “Witch Formal,” as you like, but come prepared to move!

Faeries, Elves, Cousins, Companions & Co-Walkers Workshop

Image 4Also open for online registration is our Litha afternoon workshop (from 2:00 to 5:00 pm), presented by Christopher Giroux:

Workshop Registration

Throughout the world are stories about the little people, but rarely have the relationships between the Faerie and Human Races been so well developed as in the Celtic and Norse cultures of Northern and Western Europe and the British Isles. This workshop is designed for people of all ages and levels of experience, to introduce and discuss concepts of the Faerie Race as understood in Celtic and Norse Cultures through story, historical reference, and personal experience.

The class will include a guided meditation to encounter the Faerie on their own turf and make new alliances and possibly walk away with a new understanding, and possible alliance with Faerie. Workshop registration is a sliding scale donation of $15–$25. Donate the full amount, and attend the evening ritual for a donation of only $10 ($35 total for both).

Chris Giroux has been studying and practicing magic for over thirty years. An accomplished tarot reader and teacher and Initiated Priest of the Ancestors and the Inner Convocation, he has led workshops on Concepts of the Goddess from around the world, Tarot, Runes, the Ifa Religion of West Africa and the Faerie Faith of the Celtic World.

Just click the registration links for additional information about the workshop and the sabbat ritual. We hope that you will join us, if you are able!

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