Leo Volunteer Spotlight: Nikki Valliere

During the month of Leo, we would like to thank Nikki Valliere for her service in the New England Temple of Witchcraft community. In 2016, Nikki joined our wonderful group of musicians and has provided drumming, percussion, and vocals for our sabbats and workshops ever since.

Shortly thereafter, she began volunteering for the Cancer Ministry. What began with the creation of crafting projects for the children’s sabbats evolved into the longer term work of guiding the next generation of witches through ritual, lessons, and seasonally-based crafting. Over the years, our little witchlings have created talismans, beaded window crystals, simple percussive instruments, and herb-infused oils. Nikki also supports the Shawl Ministry, weaving shawls for community members in times of celebration, grief, and healing.

For the past three years, Nikki has coordinated children’s activities for TempleFest. She develops crafting projects for Family Day based on the ages of children in attendance, ensuring that everyone has fun, engaging, and age-appropriate projects. She also assists in the arduous work of pre-event set up and post-event take down. With TempleFest being held virtually this year, Nikki has come up with projects that can be done with basic supplies at home. She’s also providing printable templates for these virtual projects.

We’re so grateful for all of Nikki’s creative work, as she inspires both children and adults to embrace the art and craft of witchcraft.

Temple of Witchcraft