Journey of Five Hallows


Colour Spiral by Deatant2, shared under a Creative Commons license

by Rachel Mueller

The veil was rent beyond any mending;
when sight, thought blind, began transcending.

Sacred fire seen dwelling within
Flora, Fauna, Lapis; and men.

Called to know, myself, my craft
applying knowledge with Wisdom at last.

See with Sight betwixt, between
Energy flows to weave the unseen

The veil was rent beyond any mending;
when body, thought separate, began transcending.

Sacred flesh and exalted bone;
the keep, the cauldron, the living tome.

Moving, attuning with cycles of Earth,
So words in good order perchance to birth.

The grail, the sword, the wand, the stone;
The journey of Four Hallows, will lead to a throne.

The veil was rent beyond any mending;
when shadow, thought buried, began transcending.

Dig deep into Fear, the Anger, the Shame;
Hear their voices, needing to blame.

Expose those parts, once hidden, tagged demonic;
Gently transformed, by Knowledge made pneumonic.

Oh, Heal the Soul and sing It back home,
when love is expanded, one’s never alone.

The veil was rent beyond any mending;
when mind, thought secure, began transcending.

Rise on the planes, perception clears;
Undulate through Paths; journey in Spheres.

Alchemy, Qabalah, Hexa’, Pentagram;
Work the process, to learn of your “I am.”

Contracting for balance, then expand to learn
Mapping our reality, to know what we yearn.

Once lauded veils, recessed and now shelved;
Purpose bids sacrifice, myself to myself.

Descend through gates, paying each toll,
Facing my Eriskigal, in my own rabbit hole.

Transcending my mind, my body, my heart;
My True Self, my Work becoming my part.

Who does this grail serve, if not the Kingdom;
Flowing aware now of Divine Love, Will and Wisdom.

Rachael is a recent graduate of the Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School, currently serving as the Teaching Assistant for the Witchcraft Four class starting in May.  She also teaches an in-person Inner Temple Study Session in St Louis as well as several other classes at a local metaphysics store. This summer, she will be overseeing the Temple Booth for the St Louis Pagan Picnic.

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