Jocelyn VanBokkelen, HPS

Jocelyn is a person of many hats: witch, student, equestrian, farmer, landlord, bookkeeper, eco-freak, teacher, and lover of life with a talent for not knowing when to stop talking.

She came to the Temple of Witchcraft already partially self-taught, but studying intensively with Christopher from 2000 to 2003 solidified her identity as a witch and introduced her to a community in which she felt at home. It was no surprise that she said yes when Christopher asked her to come on board as Treasurer for the founding of the Temple of Witchcraft as a non-profit church. A born a medium, she turned to the Craft as a way to understand and control that curse, which is now understood as a gift.  In the mid 1990-s she was reading books by Silver Ravenwolf, Margot Adler, Deloris Ashcroft-Nowicki, and Raymond Buckland to name a few. To teach herself meditation she read books on Tibetan buddhism, and stared faithfully at her candle every night.

Cerridwen began talking to her, but it wasn’t until much later, when she was studying with Christopher, that she saw Cerridwen described in the mythologies. That was the biggest eye opener: the proof that this wasn’t all in her head. She had told Jocelyn her name, and there is was in print. From that moment, Jocelyn let go of her skepticism and began to trust her self. It has been many years since then, but she has come to realize, slowly, that this trust of self is the ultimate form of self-love, from which springs the love and compassion for all things that is required to truly follow the path of the witch: the path that honors and respects all things, while maintaining the boundaries necessary for healthy functioning in a changing world.

In her teaching, Jocelyn hopes to gently guide each student to the enjoyment of learning and self-discovery. She emphasizes personal experience as the basis for inner knowledge, combining that with historical study to create self-mastery. She believes it is of utmost importance to have compassion, not only for others, but for one’s self. It is through the understanding of the self that one can learn to inter-relate the many-unfolding worlds of our inner and outer beings to magically create positive change in our selves and our environment. She can be reached at [email protected].

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