Jae Aleenaja, HPS

Jae Aleenaja is a High Priestess and an Ordained Minister of the Temple of Witchcraft. As a Walker Between the Worlds, she loves communicating with nature spirits and spending time outdoors. She describes herself as eclectic, ranging from Ceremonial when she has a need to feel structure to Shamanic when nature calls.

Teaching experience includes five years of TA and Mentoring for the Temple of Witchcraft in St. Louis Missouri. She has led Temple Sabbats in St. Louis and mentored others who were leading. Jae offers mini classes that include crafting runes, mojo bags, scrying mirrors, philters, tinctures and spells just to name a few. She has taught years I and II of The Mystery School courses and The Shamanic Temple of Witchcraft to begin in October 2022

Each June she manages the Temple of Witchcraft Booth at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic, promoting the Mystery School and everything it has to offer, organizing readers, volunteers and merchandise.

Temple of Witchcraft