How the Temple Prison Ministry Has Grown


A sample of the ministry’s newsletter and correspondence program

by Leila Morgan ([email protected])

It was two years ago this month of October that I began volunteering for the Temple of Witchcraft Prison Ministry Program with the Capricorn Ministry. When I first started, I went almost immediately from pen-pal to sending cards out for each Sabbat. Looking back now, I have to laugh and smile in amazement.

Our first mailing for cards was just a mere 47 and since has grown to 166, with additions weekly. We have inmates that write from as far away as Florida, California, and Arizona but also nearby in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Most have the same complaint about how the prison system does not help them practice our religion, denying many opportunities for group rituals without an outside volunteer, and falling short on supplying books and items to practice individually or further their knowledge.

Last year, we welcomed Rick LaPorte as our new Capricorn Lead Minister. Shortly after the beginning of 2013, he and I started outlining a vision of where the Prison Ministry should go. In July, I was honored to be asked to become the Capricorn Deputy Minister for Prison Correspondence and, in August, we rolled out the Prison Correspondence Course, accepting 26 out of the 88 applicants. We also went to the Berlin Prison in New Hampshire for a Mabon Celebration and training so we may continue future in-person visits. Temple founder Christopher Penczak has also been scoping out the Concord State Prison and visited once this past September. We now have a Temple of Witchcraft Capricorn Prison Ministry Facebook Page, and a new Post Office Box in Pittsfield, MA, making it easier and quicker to respond to letters and requests, and are hosting a book drive for books that we can donate to prisons all around the states.

I am very excited to be a part of the continuing growth for this Ministry and the Temple. It has been one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done in my life and, with one final note, I would like to thank the Temple of Witchcraft for giving me this opportunity for community service. Thank you!

To find out more about the Temple of Witchcraft’s Prison Ministry program, email Leila at [email protected] or visit the ministry’s Facebook page (linked above). 

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