How to Build a Healing Stone Circle Workshop


A stone circle on a grassy field

With Special Guest Teachers: Dominique Susani and Karen Crowley-Susani

The Temple of Witchcraft will be hosting a weekend intensive with Dominique Susani and Karen Crowley-Susani, the founders of Energetic Geometry, co-authors of Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Solar Geometry for Health and Life and teachers of the master-builder traditions that are the foundation of sacred temple construction around the world.

As we look towards the development of the land we steward here in Salem, NH, we look to the wisdom of the experienced builders of sacred geometrical sites. They will be offering:

How to Build a Healing Stone Circle

Weekend Workshop – In-person Intensive
April 23–24, 2022, at the Temple of Witchcraft in Salem, NH

Why working with the energies of the earth and the heavens is so important.
Stone circles and the cosmos.
  • The cromlech as a symbol and manifestation of the Earth’s orbit.
  • Introduction into the Solar Mandala.
  • The structure for designing the cromlech.
  • Explanation of the Solar Mandala.
  • The relationship the Solar Mandala has with the rhythm of the sun, specifically with solstices and equinoxes.
  • How to calculate the Solsticial Rectangle.
  • Experiencing the healing and life-enhancing qualities of the Solsticial Rectangle.
  • Using energetic alchemy in the Solar Mandala to create a unique and special energy.

The relationship between Matter, Energy, and Spirit in the Solar Mandala.
How to determine the placement of the stones.

  • The importance of the subterranean energies.
  • Blind sources.
  • Crossing of waters.
The importance of a good quality central vortex.
  • Rituals connected to cromlechs.
  • Rituals of consecration.
  • Rituals for physical healings.
  • Rituals for energetical healings.

Putting it all together.

  • Building and experiencing the healing energies of a Stone Circle.

This 2-day workshop will be held at Grandview, home of the Temple of Witchcraft, in Salem, New Hampshire, only 50 minutes from Boston Logan International Airport, 25 minutes from Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. This weekend provides the foundation for deeper training and the construction of sacred spaces, stone circles, and harmonizing your home inside and out.

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