Durham Pagan Pride Day

IMAG2098by Darryl McGlynn

Durham Pagan Pride Day this year was held in Whitby, ON, Canada. Every year since I found out about the event, I have taught at least one class. This was my first experience hosting a public table at a Pagan event, however. It was both exciting and scary for me. When I arrived I found a nice spot underneath a huge tree. This way I could have some shade and not get too sunburnt! I had many pamphlets and brochures for the Temple of Witchcraft on the table, along with two of Christopher Penczak’s books for auction. Christopher and the Temple were generous enough to donate and autograph them to help raise the money for the Temple. It was a success!

At one point I saw an older woman walking around the event holding onto what looked to be an old worn book. She walked by a Celtic table, Lothlorien table, and a druid table. But what caught her eye, she said, was the Witchcraft table! She asked me if I would look at the book and try to explain to her what it was. She said since I am the author of the two books on the table, I might know what she had. I was so flattered that she thought I was Christopher, I almost played it up! But I did not, plus I don’t even look like Christopher. He has better cheek bones!

The book she held looked to be an old divination book written by, what looked to me, a magician. The book’s intro was a short description of the “How to’s” and the rest was just point form answers. She was so happy to hear that. She explained that she had found the book in her attic and was worried it was “black” magick! This was a wonderful experience for me. The Temple teachings have certainly expanded my horizons on this, and many other subjects.

In the end I had a great time at the event. I hosted the Temple table and taught a workshop on the “Witch’s Circle”. I will definitely host another table for the Temple as my part to spread the word! (Oh My Gods…that sounded bad!) I hope to see more “Temple-ites” at the next Durham Pagan Pride Day!


Temple of Witchcraft