COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

In the interest of keeping our community as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Temple of Witchcraft board of directors has instituted the following guidelines for in-person Temple events:


The Temple expects attendees at in-person events to be up-to-date on their COVID vaccinations, and to be fully vaccinated, as much as medically possible, before attending an event (meaning at least two weeks after a complete vaccination series). Attendees are expected to be prepared to show proof of vaccination, if it is asked of them. Exceptions will be made for those with medical conditions precluding vaccination. Available boosters, including the most recent bivalent booster, are considered a part of this up-to-date status.


Masking, ideally using a high-quality N95 or NK95 mask, is required at all indoor events and may be required at outdoor events at the Temple’s discretion, based on the venue and attendance. Masks must be worn at all times, so facilitators are encouraged to modify events as-needed to ensure compliance. One example is the elimination of after-sabbat potlucks to avoid removal of masks to eat and drink indoors.

Attendance Limits

To facilitate distancing, the Temple currently requires in-person venues to be limited to 70-75% of their normal capacity. For the Upper Village Hall in Derry, this is currently 70. For the Temple teaching space at Grandview, this is 15. These numbers include any staff, facilitators, or the like—the total number of people in the space. Please account for this in event registration.

Distance Events

The above guidelines apply to all Temple of Witchcraft events held in New Hampshire, either at the Temple’s Grandview property or at rental properties such as the Upper Village Hall.

The Temple Board recognizes that conditions and needs may vary locally, and so encourages facilitators of Temple events outside of the greater New Hampshire area to follow these guidelines, but facilitators may use their own discretion and best judgment when it comes to modifying them to best suit the needs of their community.